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About me

Debbie began her career as a photographic makeup artist. She received Mac makeup training in her native Edmonton and shortly after completing the program Debbie went to Sydney, Australia where she lived and worked for the next 10 years. She freelanced as a makeup artist for Australian fashion magazines and major advertising campaigns.

Working closely with photographers and their models, she ultimately took an interest in the art of photography and studied at the Australian School of Photography in Sydney. This training gave Debbie the skills and the knowledge that would supplement her talent in years to come.

The dream of entering the international market came true when Debbie’s agent in Sydney signed her with “Faces” a hair and makeup agency to represent her. Paris became Debbie’s new home for the next ten years. She worked with high end fashion magazines: Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, French publicity and fashion catalogues. She continued working as a makeup artist while taking on her first assignments as a photographer, creating portfolios for models and becoming the beauty photographer for the teen magazine, Bravo Girl and producing lifestyle and beauty images for a french stock photo agency.

After returning home, Debbie opened her studio in downtown Edmonton. She offers services in a wide variety of subjects: local celebrities, models, families and pets. She is also an accomplished commercial photographer ( events, advertisements, architectural and interior design projects).

With Debbie Boccabella’s skill and experience, the main goal of her work is to deliver fresh and modern images. What inspires Debbie is the art of photography, how it captures emotion and atmosphere where words cannot.